A pathway to independent living

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Embarking on the path to independent living is a unique experience for each individual. For Katherine, this journey took an unexpected turn towards our Bayley Stays, offering her a glimpse into a world of shared spaces and shared experiences.

Katherine’s, mother recently provided us with some invaluable feedback on the time she has spent at Bayley Stays and how this is supporting her in daily life.

Katherine had spent the past seven years with one-to-one support in her own home, so the concept of living with housemates in supporting living remained uncharted territory for her. However, Kath’s recent short term accommodation experience proved to be a revelation, showcasing her ability to adapt and embrace new opportunities for connection and skill development.

Anticipating Future Living Arrangements

With an eye towards Kath’s future living arrangements, her parents sought to introduce her to the idea of shared living through a week of short term accommodation. Despite her familiarity with living away from home, the prospect of sharing a house with others represented a significant transition. The goal was not only to assess Kath’s ability to navigate shared spaces and time but also to provide her with a taste of the social dynamics inherent in communal living.

Kath’s week of respite, spent alongside another client from Bayley House, proved to be an unequivocal success. From shopping and meal preparation to leisurely TV sessions, Kath relished the opportunity for shared activities and companionship. While she appreciated the camaraderie of group outings, Kath also loved the one-on-one time spent with her support worker, striking a balance between communal engagement and individual pursuits.

Kath’s experience at Bayley Stays further reinforced the positive impact of shared living environments. Surrounded by fellow clients, family members, and attentive staff, Kath enjoyed the sense of community and belonging. Having her sisters and friends visit during her stay added an extra layer of warmth to the shared space, fostering connections that transcended the temporary respite.

Throughout Kath’s respite journey, her parents were impressed by the unwavering commitment of the staff to meet her diverse needs with compassion and professionalism. From adhering to dietary restrictions to ensuring medication routines were diligently followed, every aspect of Kath’s well-being was carefully considered and respected. The interactions between clients and staff were characterised by mutual respect and genuine bond, creating a home environment where guests could thrive.

It is fair to say that Bayley Stays exceeded the expectations of Katherine and her family. With its structured yet relaxed atmosphere and unwavering dedication to holistic support, Bayley Stays provided Kath with a secure base to explore new horizons and forge meaningful connections.

We will definitely use the STA again and I can highly recommend it to others.


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