Celebrating Inclusive Fashion on the Runway of Diversity

In the Community

Get ready to step into the world of inclusive fashion as we share an unforgettable experience at the Jam fashion parade!

Our friends at Jam the Label have revolutionised the fashion industry with their inclusive clothing line, designed specifically with people with disability in mind. Founded in 2019, Jam embraces universal design principles, making dressing easier and more comfortable for all.

The fashion parade, held at Crowne Plaza as part of Better Rehab’s Annual Leadership Conference, was an absolute showstopper. Better Rehab, a national allied health service provider, recognised the importance of meaningful allied health input for individuals with disability, and we were so excited to be a part of this incredible event.

Ten models from Bayley House took to the runway: Cassice, Amber, Bronwyn, Jessica, Edward, Nick, Alex, Hayley, Lauren, and Sarah. Many of these fabulous models are also members of our Fashion and Textiles group, bringing with them not only their own unique designs but also their runway expertise.

As our models sashayed down the runway, the crowd erupted with cheers, capturing every magical moment on their phones. The energy was contagious, and the atmosphere was filled with incredible energy. It was a truly unforgettable experience that celebrated inclusion, creativity, and the power of fashion to uplift and empower. We are immensely proud of our models’ accomplishments and grateful to Jam the Label and Better Rehab for providing this incredible platform.

Jam founder, Emma commented ‘A core value of JAM the label is collaboration with the disability community. It is important that we provide opportunities to those within the community where possible, and we thought the participants at Bayley House would love to be involved in the show. We were expecting them to be enthusiastic, but their performance blew us away! Every model strutted down the runway with such confidence and personality, it was amazing to see. We can’t thank the models from Bayley House enough for modelling our products with such pride, and showing once again that functional fashion can be stylish.’

Let’s continue to celebrate diversity and promote inclusive fashion that allows everyone to shine!