A Special Partnership

In the Community

Setting, working towards and achieving goals is fundamental to the exceptional support we provide at Bayley House. Our most recent partnership was developed based on these core principles.

For quite some time now, Bayley House has been part of the Access All Abilities hockey program with Bayside Hockey Club. The participating, skill development and enjoyment of this program proved too much for just one sport so Day Programs staff member, Justin reached out to many community based organisations to see how they could support Bayley House.

Special Olympics passed the baton back to us and suggested their ‘Playing for All’ program.

The aim of this new program is to include more people and see what other avenues they might like to pursue once this pilot program is completed. The Playing for All is a program which ‘offers a variety of fun activities and games where young people with intellectual disabilities can get fit, have fun and learn new skills’ and helps people work towards their NDIS goals such as Social and Community Participation, Health and Wellbeing and Personal Development.

Over a number of weeks, those participating in the program will learn a number of new skills including:

  • Striking and Fielding: Developing skills for sports such as cricket and softball
  • Invasion: Developing skills for sports such as basketball, netball, rugby and football
  • Net and Court: Developing skills for sports such as tennis and volleyball
  • Target: Developing skills for sports such as bowling, bocce and golf
  • Movement Games – Fundamental Movement Skills: Developing skills for sports such as athletics and gymnastics
  • Movement Games – Rhythmic: Developing skills for sports such as dance and artistic gymnastics

The program has already grown from an initial 16 people to now 24, with more people sure to join once they hear about how much fun they can have while learning new sports skills.

We will keep you updated throughout the term with the progress!