The A Team

Around Bayley

The word ambassador has many meanings. A high-ranking diplomat who represents a state, the ranking government representative stationed in a foreign capital or country. As you can see, this is an extremely important role.

Earlier this year, the Client Voice Group recognised a need for people who could fulfil the duties of Bayley House Ambassador. A need for people to be available to greet guests, conduct guided tours of our locations and to meet prospective new clients. The extensive duties also include attending social functions and community gatherings. There was a need for someone to take on this very important role. And so the Client Voice Group sent out an Expression of Interest to the Bayley House community and it was very well received. Given the current size of Bayley House and the number of people who are part of our wider community, it was decided that one ambassador would not be sufficient.

In recent months, we have welcomed 15 Bayley House Ambassadors, who are now easily recognisable by their official Ambassador ID cards. Like all great ideas in the Client Voice Group, the ID card design was voted on by the group after some of our talented artists submitted designs. This was a great collaboration that resulted in the winning design being a combination of artwork and official Bayley House branding.

A number of the ambassadors were present recently to undertake their first official duties when Bayley House received a fantastic donation of 28 laptops from the Pall Corporation. The laptops will be used across Bayley House in programs such as literacy and cyber safety.

So next time you are at Bayley House, look out for out friendly ambassadors!