Sharp Shooters

In the Community

Basketball is a highlight of our week at Bayley House and we have been involved in local competitions for many years.

Getting our team singlets and taking to the court is something we all look forward to and we are thrilled that we can finally get back to it. Our love of basketball was recognised recently by the Southern Basketball Association when we were invited to be part of their Access All Abilities competition. The SBA received a generous donation towards their Access All Abilities competition that allowed the SBA to supply a basketball, a Sabres bag and beanie for all participants.

The first day back for the All Abilities program was Tuesday 4 October and a presentation of the packs took place. All of our players were incredibly excited to be part of this and to also get their Sabres swag! The donation was made in the spirit of competition, inclusion, and participation for people of all abilities.

Many thanks to the Sabres for choosing Bayley House to be part of this inclusive competition. Go Sabres!