Planting the seed for community

In the Community

Our relationship with Collingwood Children’s Farm goes way back. Many of our groups have and still do volunteer at the urban farm, learning about farm animals and the amount of work that goes into running such a space.

We have also been known to head out to The Farm Cafe and enjoy the variety of food that is on offer. Earlier this year, we were invited by Collingwood Children’s Farm Committee of Management to take part in the CCF Community Gardens Redevelopment Consultation. “The Project, commissioned by the Collingwood Children’s Farm CoM, commenced in May 2022 and was completed in August 2022, with the final report delivered to the CoM in late September.”

It was wonderful to be invited to take part in this process and share our ideas of what we thought would be beneficial in a community garden. You can read more about the process here.