CEO Update 7 October

CEO updates

Melbourne Spring is a wonderful time (other than for hay fever sufferers). I hope you have been able to enjoy the change to Summertime this week and the glorious weather (on occasions)!

The COVID threat is diminishing week by week and we have been reviewing the restrictions we have in place across Day Service and Home & Living. Whilst the removal of formal isolation periods which have been announced by government do not apply to the disability sector, there are some practices which we feel it appropriate to relax.

There will be no change at this time across our Home & Living services but in Day Service, effective Monday October 17th, 2022 the following will be in place –

  • Surgical masks will be worn by staff (presently all staff wear N95 masks)
  • Clients are encouraged to wear surgical masks but this is not mandatory
    – Supply of N95 masks will continue to be made available for:
    – Staff who prefer to continue wearing them
  • Staff supporting either a suspected or known COVID+ client
  • RA testing weekly (suggested mid-week) or unless presenting symptoms prior to working day –
    –  RA tests will be made available to staff should they have a workplace exposure
    –  These staff will also be required to wear N95s for 5 days post exposure
  • All staff and clients must act responsibly and remain home if they are unwell
  • If they test positive for COVID, standard 7 day isolation is required

This next ‘phase’ of the pandemic is a challenging one as we all try to find the right balance in terms of freedoms and risk.  We are doing our best to return all our services to normality whilst continuing to implement appropriate precautions. Please bear with us as we navigate these tricky times.  I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the entire Bayley House workforce who have done everything asked of them and more to ensure the safety and well being of our clients and families

This week we had our mid term Quality Audit.  This is a requirement Bayley House must undertake as a service provider registered with the NDIS and subject to the NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission.  The standards of care are understandably high; supporting people with disabilities is both a privilege and a responsibility.  I am thrilled to be able to share with you that not only did we meet all the standards for which we were being assessed but that the auditors volunteered a glowing assessment of our services.  They specifically commented on the wonderful organisational culture which they observed across all our facilities and services, also commenting that on walking through Middle Crescent they could literally ‘feel the joy’!

Staff, clients and families were involved in the audit process.  Thank you to everyone for the contribution you make to the Bayley House Family.