Just what is JAM the label?

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As many of you would know, Bayley House runs a very successful fashion and textiles program that has hosted several fashion shows over the years. The fashion and textiles group have been very busy recently, recycling fabrics and creating many fantastic new products that will be revealed very soon.

We recently learnt about inclusive fashion label ‘JAM’ and reached out to their founders, Emma and Molly to find out exactly who they are why they do what they do. JAM is an inclusive fashion label designed with people with disability in mind, founded in 2019. JAM encompasses universal design principles to create products that makes the task of dressing easier or makes the items more comfortable for people to wear. JAM was founded by Emma Clegg and Molly Rogers. Two Occupational Therapists / Disability Support Workers with over 14 years of collective experience in the disability sector. Emma and Molly are incredibly passionate about the inclusion of people with disability and increasing independence and self-expression for all.

Emma and Molly very kindly agreed to be interviewed by the Bayley House fashion group:

What do you do if something doesn’t sell?

We’re pretty lucky at JAM that nearly all of our products sell! If something becomes a bit outdated though we will usually move it to the ‘clearance’ section of our website and make it a bit cheaper.

Do you do the 3 Rs? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?

We are always trying to be environmentally friendly in all parts of our business. We currently do this through a few different ways; We use fully compostable/recyclable packaging for all of our orders. We get fabrics made-to-order through our manufacturers to make sure there is no fabric waste, and we also have ‘Airrobe’ on our website. Airrobe allows customers to purchase our products and re-sell or rent them out when they are finished with them.

Where did your inspiration come from?

JAM was inspired by two clients of ours when working as Disability Support Workers, Jack, and Maddie (that’s why we’re called JAM!). Jack and Maddie both require help to get dressed because of their disabilities, and we didn’t think it was fair they had to wear clothes that were daggy or unfashionable just because it was easier to get dressed into. We wanted Jack and Maddie and other young adults with disability to have the same amount of fashion choices we had available to us.

Do you need models?

When we have photoshoots for new product ranges or hold runways we are always looking for new models! We usually go to model agencies that hire people with disability such as Zebedee or Wink Models. However, if a young adult with disability would love to model for us and isn’t signed to an agency, they can just get in touch with us, and we’ll keep their details on file for the next time we’re looking for models.

How did you get your clothes into the market? How did you start was it Instagram or markets?

We started by launching our products on our own website. We do a lot of our marketing on Instagram and we have had stalls at expos before too. We now sell our products on other platforms like THE ICONIC and EveryHuman too.

How did you get to have a fashion parade? 

We were very lucky that Australian Fashion Week was very keen to show-off adaptive fashion for people with disability for the first time this year. We designed 6 outfits for the runway in Sydney and had LOTS of help to put the runway together, from models, makeup, music to lights! A lot goes into runways, and it took a lot of hard work to get it ready. We were so happy with how it turned out and to be the first ever adaptive runway for Australian Fashion Week was very special.

Would you like to come to our fashion parade next year?

We would love to come to your fashion parade next year! We look forward to our invitation!

Do you have old stock of fabric you’d like to donate to us?

As our overseas manufacturers make the fabric on site, they have the amount of fabric that we need, so we don’t have any left over. But if we do ever have any left-over in Australia, we will definitely donate it to you!

If you would like to read more about JAM or even purchase some of their clothes, head to their website.