Making the most of Melbourne

In the Community

For most of our groups, one day each week is devoted to going out and exploring their local areas and wider sections of Melbourne.

The groups decide together where they would like to go, make a list and then vote on which would best based on weather, distance and any other projects they may be involved in at the time.

Tuesday is the day that some of our clients based at the Nepean Hub, head out exploring. Their list of possible venues is long and one that needs to be decided by everyone.  A recent conversation sparked the idea of ‘Where Do I Come From?’. We have people from all over the world and this topic provided a chance for everyone to learn more about their friends and also learn about different countries. After spending weeks discussing their ancestors and various countries that their family members had come from, the group headed to the Immigration Museum to learn more.

The Immigration Museum is in Melbourne and is host to a wide variety of exhibits, historical information and so much more. It is well worth a visit, as the group will tell you.

The group has been busy and have also recently visited Collingwood Farm, an organisation that Bayley House has a strong relationship with. They love getting out and meeting all of the animals while exploring the urban farm. The adventures did not stop there, with ArtVo also making the cut. The interactive gallery is a huge hit with clients and staff as they immerse themselves within the lifelike paintings.

Check out their adventures in the gallery below.