Workshop wonders

In the Community

Earlier this month, a group from our famous White House, headed off to take part in a DIY Workshop at Bunnings.

The workshop was hosted by Jane, the Activity Organiser at Bunnings Moorabbin, who has previously supported this group with preparing their garden beds for winter.But this workshop was not about gardening, this workshop was to create stands that would allow ease of use for reading books or using iPads. iPads are used every day at Bayley House, whether it is for skill development, hand-eye coordination or sneaking in a favourite game. For some people, they are hard to hold and become heavy, so a stand is the perfect answer.

The wooden stands were put together from kits, the pieces assembled and then painted in various colours. Everyone who participated in the workshop was able to take home a finished product with some using them for iPads and others using them to prop up their cookbooks in the kitchen.