IDAWhat? Day?

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May 17 is IDAHOBIT Day, International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersexphobia and Transphobia (otherwise known as International Day Against LGBTIQA+ Discrimination).

In 2022 you may question the need to have such a day, to make ‘a fuss’ about it. You may consider that Australia ‘decriminalised homosexuality’ decades ago now, that we legalised ‘same sex’ marriage five years ago now; so people who identify as LGBTIQA+ should somehow just get on with it.

It would be lovely to think that our society was uniformly so accepting and inclusive. Yet every day the queer community is challenged by loud and aggressive views which alienate them, threaten their sense of worth and promise that gains made may yet be unmade.

At Bayley House we are privileged to include queer staff and clients as a part of our diverse and beautiful family. But, if for no other reason than that a small but vocal minority seek to undermine their rights and dignity, it is vital that as a community we are on the front foot in saying we welcome you, we respect you, we treasure you.

Have a wonderful IDAHOBIT Day everyone and reflect perhaps on how blessed we are at Bayley House for the richness and inclusivity of our family.

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