Reeling them in

In the Community

Practice makes perfect, the early bird catches the worm and after months of casting a line, Sam reeled in a fish!

For months now the group has been heading down to Frankston pier on a Wednesday to learn the basics of fishing from Guru Glenn and his team at ‘That’s the thing about Fishing’ (TTTAF). Guru Glenn runs clinics every week for community groups who would like to learn how to fish.

Last year TTTAF featured on ABC news for the amazing work and connections they are fostering within the community. So many people are being brought together over rods, BBQs, and sometimes non-alcoholic beers, making new friends and learning how to cast a line.

The Wednesday crew now only head to Frankston monthly as the commute was proving to be a bit tight time wise, so they now explore locations a bit closer to home. This has meant they have been able to discover fishing spots at Brighton and Mordialloc.