Fashions from Afar

In the Community

Fashion and textiles have been part of Day Programs for several years. In the past we have seen fashion shows where our talented clients have showcased their creations on the runway. The programs and these events have always been a big success.

With some experience now under our belts and the resources on site, fashion programs have expanded, and new creations are emerging each week. Jess and Hayley have been learning all about pattern selection, cutting material and how to use a sewing machine. One of the most interesting parts of their process is that they are repurposing material.

Along with their group, the girls head off to local Op Shops where they find suitable material for their projects. Most recently Jess and Hayley were supported by Melinda to choose the pattern for a Bowen Dress. Described as having ‘relaxed dropped shoulders and rah-rah ruffle sleeves, the oversized silhouette makes a dramatic splash, while being cool and comfy enough for everyday wear.’ These dresses were created using doona covers and tablecloths – very creative indeed!

Other projects within the group include crossbody bags made by Orly & Alex with the assistance of volunteer, Lesley. The girls embroidered the fabric in their own style and put their foot to the peddle of the sewing machine to power the sewing while Lesley supported the girls to learn how to guide the material while being sewn.

We all know fashion needs inspiration, and so a trip to the NGV was organised to see some fashion highlights that are currently on display.