Van Gogh at the Lume

In the Community

The Lume Melbourne is an epic adventure into art. Australia’s first permanent digital gallery transforms the world’s finest art into fully immersive sensory encounters.

Earlier this month a Community, Leisure and Rrecreation group visited The Lume to take in the work of the first featured artist, Vincent Van Gogh. Travelling through space and time via the digital installations, Van Gogh’s famous pieces came to life across the many surfaces within The Lume.

Bronwyn loved taking photos in Van Gogh’s apartment – a life size 3D render of the painting. Matt and Angela sat amongst the famous Starry Starry Night where the famous night sky appeared around them accompanied by beautiful music.

The group then headed into the sunflower room. Van Gogh was inspired by sunflowers, as seen in many of his paintings and so the sunflower room was exactly that. A room filled to the roof with sunflowers! An optical illusion provided by wall length mirrors, made it look as though they were floating through fields of the beautiful yellow flowers.

The Lume is well worth visiting, as you can see by the photos.

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