Fantastic Futures 5

In the Community

Futures Five was a group that began last year at our Middle Crescent campus. With a shared love of getting out and about around Melbourne, board games and watching the tv show Friends, the group quickly formed a strong bond. Earlier this year, once restrictions eased, the group made the move to our Nepean Highway campus.

During this time, the group began brainstorming ways to become more sustainable in their programs. For many years recycling has been a big part of sustainability. But not everything can be recycled in the same way. Batteries are one of the things that need to be disposed of correctly. The group began learning about what needed to be done in order to recycle batteries correctly. Permanent drop off sites for used batteries are located within the community, with many of these drop off locations being at supermarkets. The move to Nepean Highway has given the group easy access to local shops which includes a Woolworths with a recycling point. And so the Bayley Battery Busters are now in full swing.

The group have made battery recycling boxes which can be found at both Middle Crescent and Nepean Highway. So please bring in your old batteries and the group will make sure they are disposed of correctly.

A good reminder for changing batteries, is the end of Daylight Saving, which is coming up on Sunday April 3.

With eased restrictions, Futures Five have been making the most of getting out in the community more. Their most recent exploration was to St Kilda where they jumped at the chance to try the KIIS Eye Ferris Wheel!

Well done to Futures Five – so good to see you all out and about and making a difference in the community.