COVID Vaccination Booster

Covid info

On Monday 24 January Aspen Medical will be conducting a COVID vaccination booster pop up clinic at Middle Crescent open to all clients and Bayley House staff.

If you would like to receive your booster at this clinic, please register your interest here:

COVID-19 Booster Registration

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Registrations  will close 4pm Thursday 20 Jan. Appointment times will be posted the day after.

You are required to bring evidence of current vaccination status and to download and complete the new COVID-19 Booster consent forms before coming in.

New consent forms can be found here:


Am I eligible for a booster?

  • Anyone who has had 2 doses of any COVID-19 Vaccination, as long as it was more than 4 months ago is eligible to receive the booster jab at Bayley House.
  • If a person has recently had COVID they can still have the booster, it is a personal choice as their anti bodies will be higher for 6 months after having the virus.
  • Clients and staff are not to have their booster if they are in isolation due to being a close contact.
  • If you are unsure please seek medical advice from your GP prior to attending

What do I need to bring/know?

  • The Booster being provided is Pfizer.
  • New consent forms will need to be completed and brought to Bayley House on the day
  • Evidence of current vaccination status showing two vaccinations is also required on the day. This can be paper copy or electronically.

How to access proof of vaccination

More information can be found here.

Proof of vaccination can be accessed online through MyGov or the Express Plus Medicare app, linked to a Medicare account or an Individual Healthcare Identifier (IHI). Find the easiest way to access proof of vaccination for your situation by using the online tool developed by Services Australia.