CEO Update 24 December

CEO updates

As we close down Day Service for the holidays there are just a few matters I would like to share with you.

COVID continues to impact us and is never out of the news.  I know that many of you will be wondering about boosters.  Whilst a date is yet to be agreed on I want to let you know that we do have confirmation that Aspen Health will provide a vaccination ‘hub’ for boosters at Middle Crescent early in 2022.   This will be made available for all clients and staff.  Some of the residential services have already had boosters provided and this process will roll out independent of the Middle Crescent hub.  Depending on when your family member was vaccinated, and of course also dependent on whether or not government announces further changes to the timeframe for boosters, you may wish to arrange for your loved one to receive their booster independently.  If so, please forward us the vaccination certificate when you can.

A lovely morning tea this morning with Donny’s family to acknowledge their gift of a bench in the south courtyard to remember Donny;  a beautiful Bayley House character who is greatly missed but whose presence and personality will remain with many for a long time to come.  Zones permitting a small number of our clients were able to talk to Donny’s family about him and what he meant to them.

And to top off 2021, the Concert of Dreams was a sell out!!  Yes, we virtually sold out the largest theatre in Australia, our very own St Kilda Palais with every single one of the 2,894 virtual seats sold.  In fact we are still selling standing room only (on the Upper Esplanade) so if you think you missed out you can still get involved.  As of the time of writing, this ‘event’ has raised in more than $100,000; just amazing!  Thank you to everyone for your support.

Have a wonderful end of year.  Whatever you are doing and whoever you are doing it with I do hope that you have the opportunity to recharge the batteries.  2021 has been a challenge.  2022 will no doubt present more but I have every confidence that we have many opportunities and will share with you some exciting adventures in the new year.

Take care and stay safe and….see you in 2022!

Warwick Cavanagh
CEO Bayley House

From all of us at Bayley House, a big thank you to each and everyone of you for your contributions throughout the year. Happy Holidays!