CEO Update 16 August

CEO updates

I imagine that most of you were like me this afternoon when I heard Premier Andrews’ latest lockdown restrictions; disappointed to put it nicely. I know that we have all had enough of this.

As Melburnians we ‘did it tough’ last year and did not anticipate being back in such a circumstance one year later. Nevertheless, we need only look north of the border to see what happens when you do not lock down early and lock down hard. As distressing as the current circumstances are…we will not be dragged back to the dark days of 100s of new COVID positive cases on a daily basis.

At Bayley House we are here to support you. Each stay-at-home restriction has an impact on the way in which we can do that; but it in no way diminishes our commitment to support you nor our capacity to do so. Online services will remain in place, support for more vulnerable clients and families will remain in place, additional support in our residential services will remain in place.

Please…if you are feeling additionally stressed or anxious, if you are uncertain about what is available to you…please reach out to one of the Bayley House team and you have my assurance that we will do whatever it takes to get us all through this.

Stay well and stay safe