Covid Lockdown 6 August 2021

Covid info

Following the latest lockdown advice from the government, Bayley House on-site Day Programs will be closed until the lockdown is lifted. We are offering on-site 1:2 support for clients who are not coping at home and need ongoing support throughout the day, if you are in need of on-site support please contact us.


Krysia our Client Welfare Coordinator and Counsellor will be running counselling sessions via zoom throughout lockdown. Please email Krysia if you would like to book a session.

Online Activities

Below are the Bayley House Online activities that will be offered next week. Please let us know which online zoom activities you are interested in joining so we can plan to make it the best experience for all.

If you are finding at any point that you need any assistance or support please do reach out.

Online zoom activities include:

Monday 9 August
• Social Activities and Music
• Art and Social Club
• Fitness and Trivia
Tuesday 10 August
• Yoga and Music & Movement
• Cooking
• Board Games and Bingo
• Line Dancing and Disco
Wednesday 11 August
• Gym/Fitness
• Music and Music Trivia
• Creative Arts
• Games afternoon
Thursday 12 August
• Footy Talk
• Cooking
• Board Games and Music
• Disco
Friday 13 August
• Gentle Exercise and Dance
• Community Singing and Bayley News
• Art
• Yoga

Activities will be available to all clients from, Monday 9 August, until Friday 13 (or until lockdown finishes). There is no need to pre-book online activities, if you join an online session you will be billed for that session, however, please click above and let us know if you are interested in joining so we can plan.

Stay safe and stay well

Kerri Rolfe
Acting GM Day Programs


Lockdown restrictions 5 August

The Victorian Government has announced there will be changes to COVID-19 restrictions from 8.00pm on Thursday, 5 August 2021.

These changes will apply to all of Victoria.

Under the changes, Victorians will need to Stay at Home. You can only leave your home for five reasons:

  1. shopping for necessary goods and services (one person per household, once per day, a support person can accompany if required)
  2. caregiving, compassionate and medical reasons
  3. authorised work or education
  4. exercising (up to two hours per day with one other person or members of your household)
  5. receiving a COVID-19 vaccination

You can leave your home in an emergency or if escaping family violence.

Single bubble

  • If you live alone or are a single parent, you can form a single social bubble with one other person. You can only choose one person, not a whole household.
  • This other person can visit your home. You can visit their home when they are alone at home too.

Travel limit

  • You cannot travel more than 5 kilometres from your home for shopping and exercise
  • You may travel more than 5 kilometres from your home to get vaccinated, for authorised work and education, care and compassionate reasons, to visit an intimate partner or a person in your “single bubble”, or where your nearest shopping location is more than 5 kilometres from your home.


  • Only authorised workers may go to work. If you can work from home, you must work from home.

Face masks

  • Must be carried at all times
  • Must be worn indoors and outdoors at all times when you are not at home

Social gatherings

  • Social gatherings are not permitted
  • You may visit your intimate partner or a person in your “single bubble”

Ceremonies and religious gatherings

  • No in-person gatherings permitted. Up to five staff are permitted on-site for broadcasting services.