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In early 2020, Bayley House was contacted by Cameron Sutherland from the REA Group. Cameron reached out to us with the opportunity to apply for their Employee Community Grant.

The grant criteria had two parts, firstly the employee had to be involved in or have a family member involved in a not-for-profit group. Secondly, the grant had to assist the organisation with the purchase of ‘something which helps the organisation do what they do’. Cameron thought of Bayley House, as his aunt, Wendy has been attending Bayley House for the past two years. We were also in need of equipment to support our podcast the ‘Bayley Babble’, which was being recorded directly into an iPhone.

In July 2020, we received the fantastic news that the grant had been approved. A new iPad, microphone and speaker were purchased for the Bayley Babble podcast. The Bayley Babble shares news from Bayley House, introduces our staff team to the wider community and also has celebrity guests drop by for interviews.

Thanks to Cameron and the REA Group for supporting Bayley House. You can hear for yourself how crisp the Bayley Babble sounds through the new recording equipment via the link below. You can also read more from Cameron and why he chose to support us.

‘Dreams Come True with Employee Community Grants’

Bayley Babble on Apple Podcasts