Paul Masterson started working at Bayley House in 1995.

Paul has a background in teaching and like many other people, knew of Bayley House before applying to work with us. Paul continues with Bayley House after over 25 years because of his commitment to our clients as well as the job satisfaction he gains from them, his colleagues and people he meets through programs in the wider community.

Within our community and centre based activities, there are a number of activities that stand out as being popular and unique; two such activities are computers and TAFE.

Technology can be daunting for a lot of people, in particular those we support, so when computers were introduced many years ago to Bayley House, it was Paul who championed the move to computer based literacy and numeracy programs. While there was some initial hesitation for those who had never used computers before, Paul encouraged the transition by introducing software such as ‘Money and Shopping’ which offered real world scenarios while learning new life skills. This paved the way for additional computer programs to be introduced and the eventual introduction of iPads. Computers is now one of our core activity offerings.

Given Paul’s background in teaching, he has been instrumental in supporting our TAFE based courses at Holmesglen Moorabbin. He took on a lead role without hesitation. This has also been reflected through his involvement with VALID (Victorian Advocacy League for Individuals with Disability), ensuring that Bayley House clients are aware of and engaged with this service. We have been active participants each year at the VALID Having a Say Conference and attend the Southern Region Network meeting each month.

Over the past 25 years, Paul has been instrumental in ensuring our clients are provided with invaluable knowledge and awareness on a wide range of topics such as education and advocacy.