CEO Update 7 July


Important Information for Day Programs families and friends at Bayley House – Programs of Support

We wrote to you in May to introduce a number of changes to the way in which we deliver our Day Programs as well as the way we charge you for them. Shortly after that, following an announcement by the Minister for the NDIS deferring implementation of the pricing changes, we wrote to you to advise you that we would put our proposed changes on hold whilst we reviewed the Minister’s advice.

The proposed changes to pricing, which have now been deferred, were challenging and complex and it is a relief that we are not required to proceed with those at this time. We are pleased though that we can continue to implement the Programs of Support (PoS) model which, as earlier advised, is a significant and constructive change, acknowledging as it does that activities within our Day Programs are developmental in nature and build over a number of weeks, centred around goals and outcomes. We have delivered Day Programs this way for years so you will not see major changes at a practical level. In other words, the PoS model introduced by the NDIS in many ways acknowledges what we already do.

You will see some changes at the administrative level regarding cancellations though. For example, the PoS model acknowledges that Bayley House costs do not change when a participant does not attend. Our staffing does not change, our heating costs do not change, other participants in the group attend and are provided with a service. And so, as provided by the NDIS PoS model, we will continue to charge a client even if they are not in attendance. A two week notice period is required for anyone wanting to exit the PoS.

Day Programs will officially move to Programs of Support from Monday July 12, 2021. Members of our Client Services Team will be emailing out PoS agreements to all families over the coming weeks. We would appreciate it if you would sign and return the documentation as soon as possible, understanding that a delay in this process could result in services not being provided. This is a wonderful initiative of the NDIA, and Bayley House are excited to move all our Day Programs to this model.

Please be aware that, as earlier advised, Bayley House will only provide group activities through the PoS model because we believe it is the most appropriate way to do so. You may exercise your choice not to access services offered by Bayley House. The conditions which apply to exiting Bayley House services are detailed in your existing Service Agreement and also covered in NDIS requirements.

Thank you for your patience and support as we work through the changes with each family. We look forward to continuing to provide great services for all our clients through the Programs of Support.

Stay Safe and Well.

Warwick Cavanagh
CEO Bayley House