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For anyone on a fitness journey, finding the right support is one of the most important elements. Lucky for us that 15 years ago we met, Libby Dewar and many of our groups have been training with her ever since. Between training sessions, Libby was kind enough to answer a few questions about leading people from Bayley House on their fitness journeys.

What is your background in the fitness industry?

I have worked in the fitness industry since 2002. I teach Bodypump, Cycle, Aerobics, Bootcamp, senior’s classes and do Personal Training here at GESAC. I also now coordinate a program for Glen Eira Leisure called the ‘Attendant Support Program’. This program provides support to clients who need assistance to use our facilities in the pool and the gym essentially. I help ‘open the doors’ for everyone to exercise.

How long have you been involved with Bayley House?

I have been working with Bayley House clients for the last 13 years. During this time, I have got to know so many wonderful people at Bayley House and have enjoyed introducing them to boxing, weight circuits, aerobics, step classes and cycle classes.

How do you approach your training sessions with us?

I find the clients at Bayley House have a diverse range of abilities and enjoy lots of different activities. Asking the clients for their input as to what they want to do or learn is really important.

We give anything a go and love trying new activities and are prepared that if they don’t work out so well then that’s ok.

How has being involved with Bayley House helped you?

Working with Bayley House clients has helped me change my thinking in regards to training people with disabilities. I now think firstly about what people can do rather than what they can’t. This has helped me with all my client training and group teaching. We all learn from each other every day.


Libby provided many online fitness sessions for our clients during the multiple lockdowns we recently experienced. Thank you so, Libby for your ongoing support!