Just keep fishing, just keep fishing

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Wednesday is fishing day. For Kon, Luke, Tony, Sam, Gerald, John, Louis, Ed and Angus – Wednesday means fishing and has done for the past few years. Jacques, our staff member, discovered fishing group ‘That’s the Thing About Fishing’ at Franskton Pier and thought it might be a good activity to get involved in. He was right.

The thing about fishing is that it is an activity that most people can participate in and Guru Glenn, who runs the program has created a space that is supportive of people with disability to come and learn how to cast a line.

Guru Glenn gifted the group some fishing gear and that combined with some other equipment we had from a previous fishing group, is more than enough to keep us casting lines.

It has become a weekly highlight to head down to the pier and have a go at catching a fish but more importantly the clients in the group also get to catch an ear and have a chat with other people who are there learning how to fish. Friendships have been formed over the BBQ that Glenn puts on as familiar faces return each week.

You see, the thing about fishing, is that it’s not just about fishing. It’s the process of working in the group and preparing all the gear, packing the bus, making sure everyone is comfortable and safe when putting bait on hooks, being mindful of others and your surroundings. The thing about fishing is, well much more than fishing.

This was evident recently on ABC news when Glenn was interviewed and so was our very own Jacques. Guru Glenn has created a space that helps to build confidence, friendships and inclusion. Oh, and we’ve caught a few fish along the way as well.