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While we enjoy the support of many volunteers at Bayley House, we understand that support is something that goes both ways. This is why we love volunteering at St Kilda Mums, an organisation that does amazing work to support families in need.

St Kilda Mums is an organisation that relies on donations of goods and the many hands of volunteers in order to get much needed goods to mums, bubs and families. Our relationship with St Kilda Mums was formed in 2019, when Program Manager, Tess, who was a previous volunteer, introduced our Community Engagement program.

The first group from Bayley House began volunteering on a fortnightly basis. Harry, Emma, Will and Sarah would head to the original St Kilda base located,  in St Kilda. Once there they would pop on their aprons, roll up their sleeves and get on with tasks such as washing baby baths, quality control of clothing donations, sorting donations into appropriate tubs, packaging products like soaps and personal care packs, labelling packaging, unpacking deliveries and restocking shelves and general recycling duties.

We are proud to say that we are still volunteering with St Kilda Mums, however now a new group of volunteers put up their hands to get involved and instead of fortnightly, we now go out once a week.

Each Monday morning, Charles, Natalie, Sarah, John, Teresa, James, Katie and Nicole head out to Clayton and sign in at the front desk, grab their aprons and name badges before starting their jobs for that day. Each week is different. Some days it could be washing baths or sterilisers or sorting clothing, toys and books. But each time they head through the doors at St Kilda Mums, they know exactly how much they are doing to help others.

The group are always eager to take part in new and exciting jobs that are given to them. Charles loves working hard and is so proud of volunteering, ‘We work really hard at St Kilda Mums and it’s lots of fun’.

We look forward to getting back to volunteering with our friends at St Kilda Mums as soon as we can.

It makes us proud as an organisation to offer participants with varied skill levels, some meaningful volunteering opportunities. “ Dina, St Kilda Mums.

You can find out more about St Kilda Mums via their website.