CEO Update 21 April

CEO updates

The vaccine rollout across Australia has certainly hit more than a speed hump in the last couple of weeks. As you know we were already concerned that the process for delivering vaccines to people with disabilities was well behind schedule prior to the recent policy changes regarding the Astra Zeneca vaccine. At this stage, we have no firm information about when the vaccine will be available, for whom it will be available, or indeed where and how it will be offered.

We absolutely believe that the best way for our community, and people with disabilities, in particular, to be protected from COVID-19 is for as many people as possible to be vaccinated as soon as possible. (I’m thrilled that I had my first Astra Zeneca jab last week!) We are also conscious that many families and clients have not accessed their annual flu vax because we were not able to proceed with onsite arrangements given the complex interface of the two vaccines.

We know that some families are finding the level of uncertainty very challenging, and whilst we cannot solve the problem, we have today made some decisions which we hope will be of assistance–

Flu vaccinations: (due to the delay in the COVID-19 vaccination rollout) will be offered onsite at Middle Crescent on May 12th, 2021. Further details will be provided to clients and families in the coming days.

Vaccination support service: we are happy to offer 1:1 support for an appropriate member of our staff to attend a relevant GP clinic with a client to receive their COVID-19 vaccination (or flu vax for that matter). We understand that this can be a stressful and challenging experience and sometimes our staff can assist. Clearly, consent forms and other documentation will need to be managed in advance and this service will be billed as a 1:1 support (day service) or as an ‘unscheduled support’ if it is with a client who is a resident of one of our houses.

Staff will be in touch with families this week regarding the flu vax opportunity at Middle Crescent. Any families who wish to take advantage of the vaccination support service should, in the first instance, contact Leonie Kent at Bayley House on 9982 1500.

Chris Glennen

Chris GlennenOn another note, Janet Batey will be taking some extended leave commencing next week. We will miss Janet and know she will be missing us. In her absence, Chris Glennen will do his best to wrangle the complex responsibility of Janet’s role of GM Accommodation Options. Chris has extensive experience in the disability sector as the former CEO of Active Community Housing amongst other roles and will be with us three days a week whilst Janet is away. Chris can be contacted via email here or mobile 0438 991 600.

I hope you are keeping well and despite the recent change in the weather, have been enjoying the increased freedoms of 53 days with no community transmission.

Stay Safe and Well.

Warwick Cavanagh
CEO Bayley House