CEO Update 31 March

CEO updates

News on vaccinations remains patchy. For our residential clients, whilst we understand that vaccinations will ‘come to them’ we have yet to be provided with any advice on timeframes for that. We continue to urge authorities to consider place-based vaccinations for day services as well but have not seen any progress on that. Unless there is a change it will remain the responsibility of families to arrange for vaccination of their loved ones through their local GP (if registered for COVID vaccine) or one of the vaccination centres. We appreciate that this will prove challenging for some clients. We will do what we can to support clients and families through funded 1:1 support if appropriate. Please contact Natarsha Warren if you wish to access this assistance. This opportunity is also available for the flu shot which we are unable to offer on-site this year due to the logistical complexities of separating flu shots from COVID shots.

Meanwhile, staff are racing off to be vaccinated! All our staff are now eligible for vaccination being eligible in either class 1a or 1b of the rollout. It feels like we have waited a long time for a vaccine to be available and no doubt everyone is making the most of it.

Last year the NDIA announced a new model for delivering day services called “Programs of Support”. This is a change that we have advocated for over a long period of time because it provides both clients and service providers with long-term clarity around activities and goals and recognises that group activities are developmental in nature and that program sessions build on each other as part of a longer-term outcome. Like many other service providers, Bayley House will be moving to this model in the middle of the year consistent with the NDIS pricing structure. We will work with you in the coming months to ensure you understand what is involved and that service agreements and schedules of support are adjusted accordingly.

The NDIA has not released any specific guidance for participants and families at this point but we will share anything which is helpful as it becomes available. As a result of Bayley House adopting the new model, group-based pricing will change. Please be patient while we work on the new schedules, activity fees, and revised agreements. We will send more information soon along with an updated service agreement to ensure that you can benefit from the new Programs of Support.

Stay Safe and Well.

Warwick Cavanagh
CEO Bayley House