Bayley House Billing Portal

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Our Billing Portal makes paying your Bayley House invoices easier. This is a very convenient way to manage your invoices and payments. You can watch our instructional video here.

Will this change my payments to Bayley House?
You will continue to receive your invoices by email, however the email will now be interactive with the invoice attached. Simply click on the link within the interactive email and you can view your invoice. You will have options to:

  • Pay now
  • Pay on the due date (same as direct debit)
  • Store various payment methods (so you can pay from different accounts)
  • Query the invoice
  • Request a phone call

How secure is the system?
The billing portal is secured with powerful encryption, so you can input your credit card or bank details in confidence just like online banking. Invoices are saved securely in the cloud.

Why did we introduce a billing portal?
With the change from DHHS funding to NDIS individualised payments, there was a need to create invoices with more specific details. The number of invoices required has also increased dramatically. Due to this we have refined our billing system.

How to view the portal?
You will receive a welcome email, inviting you to create a password on the billing portal (tick remember the password). Once a password is created you can access your account from our website by clicking on My Account in the top right corner.

For any questions?
Please call our finance team on 9982 1515.