Smart Impact Big Change Appeal 2019

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Your help in supporting Bayley House’s vision for people with an intellectual disability to live the life they choose has made a huge difference.


Our experience supporting the well-being of people in your local community, helping them to grow, learn and develop, spans seven decades. To continue that work, we appeal to you again to assist people with disabilities to achieve extraordinary things. As a friend and supporter of Bayley House, you will have seen many changes over the years. But there are two things that never change. One is the energetic and warm greeting you receive when you visit Bayley House; it’s all too easy to forget, for a moment, the many challenges our people deal with on a day to day basis.

The other is the immense joy and satisfaction we all gain by seeing the progress in each of the people who are supported by Bayley House. Frank is one of those people.

Frank is a man who lives with autism and visual impairment. His ability to communicate effectively is limited. However, through the persistence and support of Bayley House staff, Frank can now use a computer to type what he cannot say. This smart use of technology is having a big impact on Frank’s life. This is one of the ways we go about enhancing positive change for the people who are supported by Bayley House.

And this is where you come in. Our Smart Impact – Big Change 2019 Appeal is currently underway. It is our aim to continue to innovate and utilise smart technology so that Frank and all his colleagues have opportunities which many of us take for granted; the opportunity to communicate, to be heard, to be understood.

By donating to our appeal, you will help all of the people who are supported by Bayley House. Make your tax-deductible donation by 30 June 2019.

Every donation makes a difference. Thank you in anticipation for your generous support and in helping us to have a smart impact effecting a big change in the life of people such as Frank.

You can donate directly here