Eye Gaze technology

Eye Gaze Technology

Bayley House is excited to trial sophisticated computer interface technology with the help of a generous grant from Sandringham Community Bank. The Bank is proud to support Bayley House and has provided grants of over $37,000 over the past 10 years.

The innovative project uses the Eye Mobile Mini system to facilitate interactive communication for people with limited physical movement and speech. The assistive technology allows individuals with high-level support needs to access and control a computer using their eye movements.

Now clients can navigate apps, the internet, music, e-books, social media, games and more through the natural movement of their eyes. It can be used completely hands-free via a tablet with a touch screen interface.

Project participants and staff are all excited by the opportunities the new technology offers, including access to communication, recreation and mental stimulation. The project aims to improve the self-esteem and independence of participants, who also have the opportunity to train with an experienced speech therapist.

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