Supported Accommodation

Bayley House’s Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) provides you with the opportunity to live as independently as possible. SDA is an approved residential building for people who need daily in-home support. Bayley House SDA includes Improved Liveability housing with accessibility and Legacy Stock.

NDIS provides SDA payments directly to the owner or landlord of the house. These payments also contribute to the maintenance of the home.

When Bayley House has a vacancy, we will refer to our register of interest in order to offer a place. The prospective resident must have an approved SDA package or can access Medium Term Accommodation (transitional) funding until approval of SDA.

Alternatively, the vacancy will be listed on the housing hub. This support can also occur within your own home.

What’s the difference between SIL and SDA?

SDA is the house/unit where a person lives. SIL is the staff support you receive to help you to live as independently as possible.

And at the foremost of Bayley House beliefs is inclusion and access to all. That everyone in the community is able to engage in and that ergo people with disabilities are entitled to the same rights ….. but they go about it in a caring and safe environment.

Annon, Customer Satisfaction Survey 2021


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