What is the SLES Program

The Bayley House SLES Program is a part-time 2-year NDIS initiative for students leaving school. It is designed to support school leavers to build skills for employment including but not limited to; social skills, setting up a bank account, numeracy, and literacy skills, organising a resume, interview skills, IT skills, safety in the workplace, independence at work, and if required travel training support.

What outcomes can you expect from the program?

The primary aim of the SLES Program at Bayley House is to help you build the skills needed to seek and successfully apply for a job and the confidence to do so. On successful completion of the SLES Program we will connect you with a local Disability Employment Service (DES) who will help to look for employment suited to your interests and skills.

How do you join?

To join the Bayley House SLES Program you will need SLES funding in your NDIS packages so please talk to us before you apply for NDIS funding or before your next plan review.

When you have secured your SLES funding and are ready it’s as easy as 1,2,3

  1. Complete the form below
  2. Come in for an interview/chat (with your support/advocate if you wish)
  3. If the program is right for you, we’ll prepare a service agreement and you can get started on your new SLES adventure.

Where is it?

The program is run out of one of the Bayley House campuses, well suited to the learning and development of skills required for the pursuit of open employment. All buildings have easy access from the front and back and are fitted-out with desks, computers, meeting rooms and the presentation equipment required to successfully train employment readiness skills.

The Bayley House Hampton campus is located near the corner of South Road and the Nepean Highway in Hampton with available short-term parking at the rear and is situated close to cafes shops and the Moorabbin Train station.

Contact us now for a friendly chat on 9982 1500 or email us here

Map of location

Work Experience

Bayley House SLES

Many Bayley House clients established basic work-based skills in our various Day Services programs and several have expressed a wish to take it to the next level to build these skills in a working environment in the community. However, some lacked the experience and confidence to do this alone so Bayley House Community Engagement Program works with local businesses to facilitate both individual and group work experience activities.

Bayley House recently partnered with the local Coles and arranged for a small group to regularly visit and work at Coles together. With the support of the enthusiastic Coles team, the clients felt safe alongside their peers and over time built the confidence to interact with the supermarket staff and customers.

The work-experince group organise shelf stock management and assist Coles staff in the checkout areas. We are regularly working with Coles to support the work-experience clients to continue to build their workplace readiness in preparation for employment opportunities in the future and would like to thank Coles for their ongoing support.

SLES works

Bayley House SLES

Katherine’s path to employment

With the support of Bayley House staff in the Day Services and Community Engagement Programs, Katherine has built the necessary skills and confidence required to obtain full-time employment.

Coordinated volunteer work in the community with Bayley House support has enabled Katherine to explore her various interests and build important social and workplace skills that are transferable to any environment.

She started with volunteer work at Lakeside Financial, assisting the company with filing, photocopying, collating, and emailing. With these adaptable skills, Bayley House staff supported Katherine through travel training to ensure she had the independence required to work at any place of her choosing.

Katherine has also committed to volunteering at St Stephens Op shop in a retail environment where she sorts recent donations and organises floor stock and merchandising.

Combining all the skills, Katherine is now employed as an assistant administrator role and thriving. We look forward to supporting Katherine in setting and achieving her next major goal.

Mary’s confidence

Bayley House SLES

Mary family inquired about opportunities to utilise the skills she has acquired in the Day Services Program at Bayley House to undertake work experience in the community. Mary can be both inquisitive but also quite anxious in new settings and the thought of giving something like this a go was both exciting and intimidating.

Mary’s parents were also apprehensive about how she would fit in but these fears were put to rest quickly as Bayley House staff worked with Mary and the local community of businesses to identify a good fit that would be safe and secure while providing the right challenges for Mary to learn and grow.

Sports Conscious in Brighton proved to be very supportive of the initiative and extremely willing to help support Mary with her first work-experience placement. With Bayley House’s help, Sports Conscious team embraced the delicate balance between nurturing Mary to feel safe while at the same time setting challenging goals to help her reach her long term aspirations.

“It’s all been brilliant and we are enormously grateful to both the staff of Bayley House and Sports Conscious for making it work so well. Mary is really proud and sees herself now as a person who has a job.” Diana, Mary’s mum