Seven ways to be more inclusive of people with disabilities

1. Be your usual self – EMILY LADAU

An activist explains how to best interact with people with disabilities: the same as with anyone else.

2. Make sure your work is accessible – ANGELA HOOKER

Creating accessible content from the start saves time, money and reaches the largest audience possible.

3. Disability is a strength – JUDY HEUMANN

One of the most prominent disability rights leaders challenged early rejection to go on to change the world.

4. Follow the principles of inclusive design – JOHN PORTER

How solving for the barriers faced by people with disabilities can make a better experience for everyone.

5. Accept each person as a human first – TOM HARKIN

Former US Senator and sponsor of the Americans with Disabilities Act on treating everyone with humanity.

6. Learn the appropriate etiquette – LEAH KATZ-HERNANDEZ

Learning to better engage with coworkers with disabilities will empower you as a person and a professional.

7. Follow our lead – JESSICA RAFUSE

From handshakes to holding doors, let people with disabilities take the lead.

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