We are aware that many of you are concerned about Bayley Houses’ preparations for a possible outbreak of the Coronavirus in Australia.

I want to reassure you again with this update that whilst there is no evidence of a known threat to Bayley House clients, staff or activities, we are following best practices to plan for the future and to prepare for all possible eventualities.

For your information, the following outlines specifics in stage one of our prevention action plan.

For Clients

  • We are engaging a professional to run a workshop with the clients around hygiene and hand washing
  • All bathrooms have signage to prompt clients to wash and dry their hands and staff are prompting everyone to wash hands prior to eating
  • All rooms have a supply of antibacterial gel for all to use
  • All computer devices will be supplied with anti-bacterial wipes to clean prior to use
  • We have contracted our cleaning company to provide an extra shift each day in the Day Program area to assist with cleaning the bathrooms and common area surfaces.
  • We will support to communicate clearly and early should they feel unwell.
  • We will closely monitor any clients who may be traveling overseas.

For staff

  • We will issue all staff with access to complete the Disability Services Consulting training module to ‘Supporting People to Stay Infection Free’ more information here.
  • We will work with house and transport staff to identify symptoms of any illness early and avoid accepting individuals into the Day Program area who are unwell
  • We will closely monitor any staff who may be traveling overseas.

For Families

  • We ask that you support us in keeping clients healthy and safe by informing us of any current signs of illness and any future travel plans
  • We ask that you support us in maintaining the level of client anxiety by discussing the risks calmly and openly with your loved ones.

Thank you for your understanding and support in the matter, we are implementing all of the above and currently working on stage 2 action plan, should the virus present in Melbourne and will keep you informed.

Warwick Cavanagh, CEO

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