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What is Hireup?

Hireup is the largest online network of support workers in Australia, with a vision to create shared value for the overall disability ecosystem. They are a nationally registered NDIS provider meaning any person with a disability, anywhere in Australia, can utilise their service.

Bayley House and Hireup have combined efforts to improve outcomes for people with a disability. Additional to the Bayley House supports you receive, you may wish to access one-to-one services quickly and safely through Hireup and choose for Hireup to contribute back to Bayley House. Read more to find out how…

Hireup can be accessed by anyone with disability to search for, connect with, hire, and manage their own home care and support workers. The Hireup platform has all the tools that people need to find the right support workers who also share their interests.

How does it work for you?

Hireup is an online platform for people with disability to find, hire, and manage support workers who fit their needs and share their interests. To use Hireup, people with disability can either use a disability support package or their own personal income to pay for support. All NDIS participants across Victoria and most other states can use Hireup. 

All Hireup users need to create a personal profile that will describe themselves. Someone seeking support will describe the types of support they are looking for. A support worker will describe their work experience and the type of support they can provide.

Hireup users are able to message anyone they would like to work with. Users can schedule their own shifts for the supports they need.

Hireup takes care of all the administrative duties after the shift, including; payroll, invoicing, super, tax and reporting.

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How can Hireup help?

Everyone is different, and so are their support needs.

Hireup Hireup Hireup
Help around the house Cleaning, yard maintenance, and home-office duties. Personal care Showering, toileting and mealtime assistance at home or in the community Education and employment Coaching to help you achieve your goals at school, college, or work.
Hireup Hireup
Therapy support Support to plan, practice, and enjoy your therapy. In-home care Help with morning and evening routines, medical prompts, and meal preparation. Out and about Support to get out, take a class, exercise, volunteer, or go to gatherings.
Hireup Hireup Hireup
Transport Help to get your chores done or travel from A to B. Specialised High needs
support for more complex, personal requirements.
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Our Daughter has problems with dexterity and accessing stuff on zoom it is making her life much more fun and means she doesn’t have to put up with us oldies all the time. As I have said, the 3 staff we have here are exceptional. As an example she did cooking with Maria today and couldn’t have done the program otherwise. Thanks again

Hireup Webinar

Bayley House hosted a  Hireup webinar on Zoom where guest speakers from Hireup and Hireup customers explained how it works and how it can help you. Please click below to watch the recording.

What is the Hireup 1% Program?

The 1% program is a partnership developed to help support organisations like Bayley House to scale and improve the impactful work we do.

When Bayley House clients join Hireup customer they can choose for Hireup to send 1% of the cost of their services back to Bayley House. There is no additional cost to you – the 1% is funded by Hireup as a donation. Bayley House can use the additional funding to expand and scale its programs like the Art Hub Mentioned above.

Bayley House chose to partner Hireup is a community-focused organisation with a track record of delivering outcomes. Bayley House and Hire Up share the following common principals:

  • Transparency
  • Choice and control
  • Integrity
  • Values alignment
  • Accountability

New to Hireup? 

  • Bayley House introduces you to Hireup
  • If you choose to sign up for Hireup, they will reinvest 1% of the booking fees to Bayley Housse (no additional cost to the member, paid for by Hireup)
  • Bayley House can choose will spend the reinvested funds to scale and improve our programs like the Art Hub
  • Bayley House will measure and report on the impact these contributions make to our clients each year.

Why Hireup?

Hireup is a social impact business developed to empower its users, deliver the most efficient and effective support, and to create real long term societal change. They are a peer to peer technology platform using the latest technology to harness a powerful network, creating a product their customers love.

As a service provider. they are more than just a marketplace. They care deeply about their community of users, employ their workers to guarantee wages, conditions, and training. They believe passionately in building an engaged community of loyal users all across the country.

Bayley House and Hireup have combined effort using the strengths of both organisations to improve outcomes for people with a disability.

You will benefit in 2 ways from the partnership

  1. You can access additional one-to-one services quickly and safely through Hireup
  2. You can choose for Hireup to contribute back to their services with Bayley House, helping Bayley House to fund programs such as the new Art Hub to be launched in 2021

The Bayley House Arts Hub will be an all-inclusive art space/gallery for people of all abilities to access with participants running activities, creating artworks, corporate team building.  A key purpose of the Hub will be to normalise the view people have of ‘disability’ and to do this through the arts. Bayley House would like to challenge the corporate world and start getting them thinking about creating roles and spaces for a person with a disability in their business.

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