BH Supports

Day ProgramCommunity and Lifeskills services and programs of support
Bayley House OnlineCommunity and Lifeskills services and programs of support delivered via zoom online
Community EngagementCommunity programs in which people with a disability are engaged with the wider community
Support CoordinationNDIS Plan management services offered impartially by Bayley House.
TransportDoor to door transport service via Bayley House Busses and cars
Accommodation OptionsSDA and Sill Support Services and activities
Short Term Accommodation (Respite)Bayley House Facilities for short stays
Community Leisure and RecreationAfter Hours weekdays, Weekends and Holiday Activities
Positive Behaviour SupportEvidence-based framework for encouraging positive behaviour and managing behaviours of concern
Allied Health ServicesProfessional services eg counselling, Physiotherapy
School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES)A part-time 2-year NDIS initiative for students leaving school designed to support school leavers to build skills for employment

General Terms

ActivitiesPrograms offered within Bayley House Day Programs and Community Leisure and Recreation
Access RequirementsThe specific needs of client to be able to access activities and locations
GoalsThings a client wishes they could do or achieve in the future, with the help of the NDIS
Service AgreementA contract between the client and the service provider they have chosen to deliver the supports in their participant plan.
PlanA written agreement worked out with the client and the NDIS stating their goals and needs, and the reasonable and necessary supports the NDIS will fund for them.
SupportsThings to help a person undertake daily life activities and enable them to participate in the community and reach their goals.
Arts HubBayley House location and services designed to support clients to achieve their creative goals
Hidden Disabilities Sunflower SchemeA discreet sunflower branded product that indicates the wearer has a hidden disability and may require support

Acronyms and Abbreviations

ABIAcquired Brain Injury
ABSAustralian Bureau of Statistics
ACEAdult and Community Education
ACERAus. Council for Educational Research
ACFEDepartment of Education and Training
ACRTool Annual Complaints Reporting tool
ACSFAustralian Core Skills Framework
ADEAustralian Disability Enterprise
ADLActivities of Daily living
AHRCAustralian Human Rights Commission
AHWAllied Health Worker
ALOAboriginal Liaison Officer
AQFAustralian Qualifications Framework
ASQAAustralian Skills Quality Authority
BSPBehaviour Support Plan
CAACarers Association Australia
CDCConsumer Directed Care
CHCCriminal History Check
CIMSClient Incident Management System
CMSClient Management System
CPIACorrective, Prevent. & Improvem. Actions
CRUCommunity Residential Unit
CSOCommunity Service Organisation
DACVDisability Advisory Council of Victoria
DCSDisability Client Services
DDADisability Discrimination Act 1992
DESDisability Employment Services
DETDepartment of Education and Training
DGRDeductible Gift Recipient
DHHSDept. of Health & Human
DoHADepartment of Health and Aging
DSODisabibility Support Organisation
DSRDisability Support Register
EROEqual Remuneration Order
FACFunded Agency Channel
FFSFee for Service
FFYAFutures for Young Adults
GSPGeneral Services Plan
HACCHome and Community Care
HSSHuman Services Standards
ILTIndependent Living Training
IPPIndividual Program Plan
IQMAIntegrated quality mgmt approach
ISPIndividual Support Package
L&DPLearning and Development Plan
LACLocal Area Coordination
LEOLocal Engagement Officer
LGALocal Government Areas
LLNLearning Literacy and Numeracy
LLOLearn Local Organisation
LRALeast Restrictive Alternative
NCVERNational Centre for Vocational Education
NDANational Disability Agreement
NDIANational Disability Insurance Agency
NDISNational Disability Insurance Scheme
NDSNational Disability Services
NQCNational Quality Council
NSSCNational Skills Standards Council
ODSCOffice of Disability Services Commissioner
PBIPublic Benevolent Institution
RAPReconciliation Action Plan
RIDSRestrictive Intervention Data Management System
ROCRespite for Older Carers
RTORegistered Training Organisation
SAAPSupported Accommodation Assistance Program
SACCService Agreement Compliance Certificate
SDASpecialty Disability Accommodation
SCHADSSocial Community Home and Disability
SEMSearch Engine Marketing
SEOSearch Engine Optimisation
SILSupported Independent Living
SLESSchool Leavers from Special Schools
SSAShared Support Accommodation
TGATraining.gov.au – website used to
VRQAVictorian Reg & Qualifications Authority
VTGVictorian Training Guarantee (funding)
WCWWorking with Childrens Check
WSIWorkplace Safety Inspection
SDASpecialist Disability Accommodation
LTALong Term Accommodation
MTAMedium Term Accommodation
PBSPositive Behaviour Support
LTAVRQA Victorian Reg. & Qualifications Authority
MTAVTG Victorian Training Guarantee (funding)
PBSWCW Working with Childrens Check
WSI Workplace Safety InspectionWSI Workplace Safety Inspection