Partnerships with Bayley

When you partner with Bayley, you demonstrate your Corporate Social Responsibility as well as give back to your community. Partnerships are one of our key focuses here at Bayley: we are committed to building strong relationships with our valued partners.

There are many ways in which national, state-based or local businesses of all shapes and sizes can partner with us and support the work we do:

  • Partnerships enables organisations, Governments, Schools NGO’s and NFP’s to align with Bayley House’s vision to build a more inclusive and collaborative world for people with a disability.
  • Sponsorship opportunities enable organisations s to align their marketing and community objectives with Bayley, build a giving culture, strengthen employee engagement, enhance a brand and contribute meaningfully to the community
  • Supplying in-kind goods and services is a great way businesses support us
  • Volunteer and employment opportunities for the people we support. We work with you to find an individual whose skills and capabilities are a good match with your requirements, we provide ongoing support and assist with tasks such as transporting individuals to and from your workplace.

For more information, please contact our Fundraising Team via email: