Please note,  All online activities will run for 2 hours from 10 am unless otherwise specified.

Welcome to Bayley House Online

Where you can continue to access most of the Day Service activities that you love at Bayley House through our website (using zoom) so you can stay safely at home.

Bayley House Zoom

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3 Simple rules to join a zoom

One: Be kind
Two: Be helpful
Three: Have fun

5 Simple steps to Join in

Step One: Talk to your Bayley House contact and update your Service agreement to include online activities

Step Two: Check your schedule for the time and date of the Bayley House activities that you have subscribed to

Step Three: Click on today’s day on the left and  then select the activity that you are booked into

Step Four: Enter the password that we mailed to you to log in and join the activity using the zoom app button

Step Five: Watch, listen and respond by talking or texting us, Enjoy!!

PS. make sure you have good internet access, a microphone and headphones or speakers (some computers already have this inbuilt)

How to join a zoom