Top Benefits of NDIS Medium Term Accommodation

Around Bayley

NDIS Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) provides a vital service for people with disability, offering them a supportive and enriching environment to foster their independence.

MTA creates an environment tailored to individual needs, and empowers individuals to develop essential life skills, engage in social activities, and experience a sense of autonomy. This temporary yet impactful change of environment can significantly boost confidence, enhance social networks, and provide a foundation for greater self-reliance and long-term personal growth. All while working towards the long-term goal of finding their ‘forever home’.

A prime example of how beneficial MTA can be for someone with disability, is Monique who has recently taken her first steps towards independence with her first ever venture into the supported living space. Monique is settling into MTA life seamlessly as she navigates this new chapter of her life.

From the moment Monique entered our Hampton East house, she felt at ease and her confidence grew as it was clear she felt at home. Quickly acquainting herself with the kitchen so she could prepare her favourite meals, Monique’s exploration of independence did not stop there. Household chores like vacuuming? ‘That’s good fun doing housework and I like learning how to do my washing’. Monique is willing to give all of these new tasks a try and is eager to be able to do these for herself.

Developing new friendships with other guests has also been a highlight as Monique has been introduced to several new people who are all at different stages on their journey to independence. The best part is that they all get to experience this together and the shared experience is a solid foundation for their new friendships.

MTA is proving to be the perfect launching pad for Monique while she is waiting for her forever home. In the meantime, she is already setting more goals for herself, such as volunteering ‘I’d like to volunteer at the Pink Ladies cafe in Frankston. I got my food handling certificate’.

We have no doubt that Monique will have all the skills necessary to achieve her goals and then some!