Client Awards Make a Triumphant Return

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The Bayley House Client Awards made their long-awaited return this year, bringing our strong sense of community back. The awards ceremony, which had been put on hold due to Covid, once again filled the hall with the excited buzz of clients, their families, and friends, all thrilled to be part of the day’s celebrations.

The Bayley House Client Awards are a cherished tradition, recognising the dedication and commitment of individuals who have been part of our Day Programs. These programs are an integral part of Bayley House, providing support, engagement, and a sense of belonging to those who participate. The awards highlight significant milestones, celebrating the length of time each client has been involved in our programs.

Before the pandemic, the Client Awards were a much-anticipated annual event. It was a time for everyone to come together, reflect on their achievements and honour the contributions and perseverance of each client. However, in light of the global health crisis and the need to ensure the safety of our community, the awards were put on hold. This necessary pause only heightened the anticipation and excitement for their return.

The hall was abuzz with laughter, applause, and heartfelt speeches from Day Programs General Manager, Natarsha Warren, creating an atmosphere of warmth and unity. The return of the awards symbolised the resilience and strength of the Bayley House community.

In order to recognise all milestones, the awards have been divided into five rounds. The first round celebrated milestones that were reached in 2020, acknowledging the dedication and trust of clients during what we now remember as being a challenging year. This round of awards was especially poignant, as it honoured those who remained steadfast in their commitment to the Day Programs despite the unprecedented circumstances brought about by the pandemic. This was a year that introduced everyone to zoom sessions, being on mute and getting cameras to connect… ahhh, memories.

As the awards were handed out, each recipient’s story was shared, highlighting their journey and the impact the Day Programs had on their lives. Families and friends beamed with pride as they listened to stories of personal growth, newfound skills, and enduring friendships.

The next rounds will honor milestones achieved in 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024 ensuring that every client’s journey is celebrated. The return of the Bayley House Client Awards not only commemorates individual achievements but also strengthens the bonds within the community, allowing individual achievements to be recognised and celebrated.

The ceremony was incredible success. The Bayley House Client Awards are more than just an award; they are a reflection of the dedication, hard work, and community spirit that defines Bayley House. As we look forward to the next rounds of awards, we celebrate the resilience of our clients and the unwavering support of their families and friends. Here’s to many more years of achievements and celebrations at Bayley House.

Congratulations to the 2020 Recipients

10 Years
Fiona Jarick
Katherine Mansour
Rosie Lowe
Jin Ah Park
Bar Levin

15 Years
Pip Anderson
Peter Ginn
Gerald Chee
Sally Tran
Teresa McLeod
Whitney Beruldsen

20 Years
Belinda Wallace

30 Years
Dima Miloslavsky
Soknann Tham
Steven Smith
Desma Wong